News about development.
At E3 to all who tried our game, we gave questionnaires for feedbacks. Thank you all for the comments, we appreciate it.

All comments and wishes have been taken into account and taken into account. At this moment our team work hard on the game, thinking through every detail for your joy.
Now we are building the mansion, along which you will have to wander, trying to find a way out. To quench your thirst for fear, it will be full of surprises, mysteries and an creepy atmosphere.

To quench your curiosity, here are some pictires of the mansion.
HighresScreenshot00004 (1).png

HighresScreenshot00007 (1).png

HighresScreenshot00006 (1).png



HighresScreenshot00001 (1).png

HighresScreenshot00003 (1).png